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Our due diligence background investigations can assist you in making crucial business decisions including business partnerships, private equity investments, hiring fund managers, executives, board members or vendors.

Private Equity 

FactFinders will delve into critical information about the founders, investors and executives to determine their qualifications and verify information that has been represented to you. Sometimes these investigations will uncover criminal activity or fraud and other times it will provide information which is very useful in negotiating a restructuring of a deal which is more favorable to the investor/s. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

It is critical to determine who you are dealing with when considering a merger or purchase of an existing company. We focus on key executives and gathering intelligence which can help to mitigate the risks in these transactions. 

Vendor and Partnership Engagement

It is important to evaluate new relationships with vendors, potential customers, contractors or other partners in order to protect your reputation and assets. We conduct background checks to determine criminal and civil litigation history, regulatory issues, social media review, motor vehicle records and credit history. 

Executive & Board Member Vetting

When negative information surfaces on executives or board members it can be extremely damaging to a company's reputation. Our investigations may include criminal history, civil litigation, business relationships, regulatory issues, social media, reference checks and credential verification's.


Venture Capital Investments

Background investigations are typically conducted on executives, founders and other investors. This may include verifying credentials, education, social media review, global watch lists, regulatory sanctions, determining any criminal and civil litigation history. 

How It Works

It is easy to initiate a due diligence investigation. Simply provide us with information on who you want checked out. Include their resume and any specific information you want to concentrate on. We will take it from there and keep you informed along the way culminating with a detailed report within a short period of time. 

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